Historic Renovation: UW-Madison Education Building

Did you know we worked on a historic window renovation project for the education building at the University of Wisconsin – Madison? You can find a lot of old, beautiful and complex windows in this building. We used the Marvin Clad Casement Windows and Magnum Double Hung Windows, with aluminum on the outside and wood on the inside.  

Bouril Design Studio Testimonial

The team at Window Design Center has clients who know and trust our services. Learn why Bouril Design Studio works with Window Design Center to fulfill all their needs. As a client who needs a strong and reliable partner to depend on, we have excelled in providing great service to Bouril Design Studio to help create beautiful projects.

Who We Are

Want to learn about the history of Window Design Center and what makes us unique? Our focus on the trust and experience of our clients drives our commitment to quality… quality products, service and experience. Take a journey through the Window Design Center and hear directly from our own and why they love what they do.

High-End Doors

Want to know more about high-end doors? Window Design Center has had a long history of certification for high-end doors, because it isn’t enough just to sell the products; they have to be installed correctly. We take on the installation, so the entire outcome provides a long-term value to our customers.

Tips on Bi-Fold Doors

What’s the difference between a bi-fold system and a sliding door system? We go through the factors involved in these types of doors and how to make a smart decision that meets your needs and expectations. Explore a variety of bi-folding and sliding door systems and learn tips and tricks that will make your choice the right one. If you’re …