Benefits of a Bow Window in Your Living Room

A bow window is a decorative, spacious window designed to add square footage and ample lighting to your home. The window itself is best placed in an area of the home where a large window is needed, making your living room a wise location for a bow window.

Outfitted with four or five decorative window panels, a bow window is a rounded window design that accompanies a ledge where the structure protrudes from the home. Aside from adding dimension and beauty to your home, here are a few other benefits of replacing your current living room window with a bow window.

Bow Windows Add Unique Allure

You are likely familiar with a bay window, which is similar somewhat to a bow window design, only the former structure is only composed of three panels. A bow window is unique in its soft, round design and ample window display.

You decide how wide and long you want your bow window to be. In general, the more windows a bow window has and the larger the inner windows are, the more ledge space you get on the interior your window inside your home. For unique window appeal that you can enjoy both inside and out, consider a bow window.

Your window installation specialist will show you modern and classic designs of bow windows to match your home’s design best.

Bow Windows Add Versatile Appeal

A bow window not only provides a ledge to put things on but can also be converted into a storage compartment by opening the ledge up. Or you can have the ledge finished with shelving or drawers for housing magazines, shoes, and other items in the home.

The ledge itself can be used as a seating area, a bookshelf, or a display area for housing family photos and other prized possessions. Talk to your window installation specialist about how much square footage your bow window can add to your home, as well as the different ledge designs you can choose from based on your budget.

Bow Windows Add Home Value

Any new window installation will potentially add value to your home, but bow windows can make your home especially appealing on the market. Bow windows are not a common window installation, and as such, they carry a novelty appeal. Should you place your home on the market in the near future, your bow window will be listed as a main feature, allowing your home to have greater impact on potential buyers than other houses in your area.

Another way bow windows add home value is in the square footage the structure adds to your home, as well as the ample natural lighting the window provides. The more windows you have installed in your bow window, the more natural light you receive inside your home.

Your living room can benefit from a bow window in many ways. Before you decide on a style of bow window for your home, measure the current window you have in your living room and decide how much more of your wall you want to turn into a window. Bow windows can be designed to fit inside current window spaces, or you can choose to have your window space extended to make room for a larger bow window if your budget allows.

Never attempt to install any windows in your home on your own, even if you have replaced window glass in the past. A bow window is an extensive installation that requires professional attention. Call our team of window specialists at Window Design Center today to find out how you can get a beautiful bow window installed in your home.