Moveable Door Walls

Thinking about moveable doors? Learn all you need to know and more by watching this video from Window Design Center. You’ll understand how these doors are constructed and their outstanding performance. If you’re looking to have an inside-out feel in your home, a moveable door wall can transform your space. They also come with screens to keep out the elements. …

When Should I Start Thinking About Windows?

Do you have questions about working with Window Design Center? Owner, Craig Patchin has answers! When should you start thinking about windows and doors? When is the time to reach out to Window Design Center and involve us as a partner for your project? Check it out in this video from Craig.

What Are Some Current Trends?

If you’re looking for some current trends in the window and door industry, you’ve come to the right place! Craig describes some of the popular trends – watch this video to hear what they are!

Clad Windows vs Wood Windows vs Vinyl Windows

Looking for windows can be stressful, but here are three options that can make a significant difference in the aesthetics and security of your home. Knowing the differences between vinyl, clad and wood selections can save you time and money. This video guides you through the basics of all three to give you a basic understanding to make an informed …