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Modern Window & Door Trends

What screams “making a statement?” Modern windows and doors! They quickly update the look and feel of a home, and add a flair and style all on their own. Black interior and exterior, low profile sash, contemporary handles and hardware, and more are styles that all say “modern”. Oversized doors present more than a larger entryway, they give a grand […]

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Benefits of a Bow Window in Your Living Room

A bow window is a decorative, spacious window designed to add square footage and ample lighting to your home. The window itself is best placed in an area of the home where a large window is needed, making your living room a wise location for a bow window. Outfitted with four or five decorative window panels, a bow window is […]

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Historic Restorations – Window Design Center

Restoration projects can be very complex and detailed. Finding the right windows and doors that are new, but still retain the original look and function will make all the difference. With Marvin windows, the size and rails are customized to create the same curb appeal as its former beauty. Window Design Center specializes in producing high-quality restoration consultations and assistance […]

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Buying a New Home? What to Look for in the Windows

Buying a new home is an exciting time. You’ve started your search and are enjoying seeing what’s out there in your dream neighborhood. With each house, you feel like you’re getting closer and closer to the ideal abode. But that doesn’t mean you’ll find one home that is 100% perfect. Unless you’re starting from scratch, every home has some cons […]

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Sliding Windows: An Underutilized Option for Wide Window Openings

When the time comes to replace your home’s windows, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which style of window to use in each window opening. Most homeowners stick with the classics — double-hung and casement windows, perhaps with fixed windows in larger openings. However, there is another option to consider, which are sliding windows. Sliding windows […]

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